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100% Handmade Instruments

TerraTōnz is a small company which manufactures handpans / pantam instruments called the TerraPan. Each TerraPan is hand-hammered through a labor-intensive process to be built, fully nitrided, and tuned. No hydroform, press, or molding is used in any of our processes. We do not take shortcuts, resulting in a high-quality, dynamic sound. TerraPans are tuned through the Ellie Mannette lineage of steel pan tuners in collaboration with Mannette Musical Instruments. TerraPans are created with the understanding that they are not simply musical instruments. They are tools for personal transformation, growth, healing, and a way to help bring peace, love, light, joy, play, awakening, and beauty into the world. 

  • We specialize in custom tunings designed to match each individual client. We also offer a limited amount of inventory available for immediate purchase each month. In each case, we are here to help you find the instrument which resonates best with you.

  • We offer a pay-as-it's-made payment plan for custom orders which allows you to track the progress of your order through production.

  • We don't have lotteries. If we are able to take on the work, we begin working on your instrument when you order it. Custom builds have a current production time of 9-12 months.



Hand + Heart + Soul = Sound


Our Story

Following a career in scenic arts, Christopher Ryan was seeking a new avenue for his creativity. He took inspiration from a friend who shared a vision he had during a journey of Christopher Ryan making “UFO-shaped instruments.” Christopher soon discovered PANArt and he spent the next three years learning as much as he could about the Hang, the instruments it has inspired and the culture surrounding them. Through his efforts to create his own instrument, his path led him to Dr. Ellie Mannette, innovator of the Trinidadian steel pan. In collaboration with Mannette Musical Instruments, the TerraPan was born in 2013. Since then we have been creating quality, hand-hammered TerraPans as our labor of love and sacrifice. It is our honor to link the handpan and steel pan musical worlds through this work and our relations. Each instrument allows the player to contribute their own unique melodies to the unfolding song of our shared existence. 



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