Where are TerraPans made?

The TerraPan is made in the United States. We occupy two studios: one in Kingston, GA and one in Osage, West Virginia, near Morgantown. Our Osage studio exists thanks to Ellie Mannette, the Caribbean steel pan pioneer who transformed Morgantown, WV, into the original Pan City USA. Thanks to Ellie and his students-turned-colleagues, more steel percussion instruments are produced in Morgantown than anywhere in the world aside from Ellie's native home Trinidad itself. Our Kingston studio exists because things tend to grow where they are planted, and TerraTōnz's founding members are planted here. Located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Kingston is is a relatively short drive from Atlanta, Georgia and Hartsfield International Airport. Those who wish to visit and pick up in person are free to contact us about possible accommodations.

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