How is the TerraPan made?

Each TerraPan begins as a flat sheet of specialized steel, which is hand drilled to be bolted into a sinking station. Once bolted in place, it is hand-hammered and sculpted into form to specifically match each desired tuning. Afterward, it is hand sculpted to each desired pitch model. The desired tuning is laid out, and the nodes are hand hammered with female dies for each note before being finely shaped to build out the notes and interstitial space. During this process, the developing halves of each TerraPan are also nitrided & tuned many times. During tuning, a kiln is used to challenge the stability of each note. The TerraPan is glued and cured to ensure the structural integrity and longevity. After additional tunings, it is played hard and "blended" to evaluate stability.

TerraTonz TerraPan