How do I care for my TerraPan?

  • Protection: Cases are wise to use for travel and transporting your instrument, but it should never be left in a closed case for extended amounts of time because this can trap in moisture.
  • Storage: Wall mounts are a great solution for storing your instrument indoors. There are many options online and in hardware stores.
  • Clean: If they get dirty (or sticky) you can clean them with 90+% isopropyl alcohol by applying it to a microfiber cloth, followed by oil on a separate microfiber cloth.
  • Oil: TerraPans, like other handpans, need to be oiled regularly (once every few weeks to few months, depending on your climate and conditions). If you are visiting beaches, caves, or any areas with high salt content in the air, you may consider oiling before and after playing a pan there. We recommend using Frog Lube, Phoenix Handpan Oil, or coconut oil applied directly to the instrument, gently rubbed evenly around the outside surface. Use a clean spot on the cloth to gently remove any excess oil. 
  • Temperature: Avoid playing your TerraPan directly in the sun. Heat makes the metal softer very quickly, which makes it easier to bend the pitch out of tune with your fingers alone. If the pan is hot when you take it out of the case, let it rest in the shade for a few minutes before playing. The metal is thin so it heats up and cools off quickly.
TerraTonz TerraPan