Do you ship internationally (outside the US)?

Many of our orders are international, and it is usually no problem to ship. However, sometimes there are limitations placed on our ability to ship to certain destinations. If you live in a remote location and need to confirm whether a shipment is possible, please send a message titled “Shipping Inquiry.” Otherwise, upon receiving your order, we will provide a quote for shipping, handling and insurance. You will be responsible for determining and paying the taxes and duties assessed by your country of residence. We are not able to report the instrument at a lesser value or to mark your package as a gift to reduce these fees. Once approved, your TerraPan will be safely packed into a 60cm x 30cm (24 X 18 inch) corrugated box. The shipment is marked with a dimensional weight of about 75 pounds (34 kilos) with packing filling, secured with shipping tape, labeled fragile. Shipping times vary based on the destination. Domestic shipping generally takes from 1-5 business days. International shipping generally takes 2 days to 3 weeks, depending on the destination & custom procedures. For more detailed information, please refer to our policies and procedures.

Customs Instructions for international shipping are available in multiple languages in printable form here.

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