Can I fly with my TerraPan?

Each airline has different policies, and it is advised that you call ahead of your trip for details. However, our general experience is that you should have no problems traveling abroad with your TerraPan. It will fit into all standard airline overhead storage compartments. On all domestic or international airlines, you are allowed to take one small carry-on and one musical instrument. When traveling on aircraft, it is always recommended to have a hard protective case just in case you are forced to check it due to all of the storage space being taken up. However, a soft case is usually sufficient for overhead storage. Click here to see the official FAA regulations on small instruments as carry-on luggage. 

TerraTōnz's founder Christopher Ryan has the following advice: If you check in bags, the airline will insist that you must check it in; however, you have no obligation to do so. Simply say OK, check in your other bags and walk away with your instrument to check in at security. The only requirement for security is that it fits through the x-ray conveyor, which it does. Once you arrive at boarding, if confronted, simply pull out your TerraPan and play it. They will be dazzled and allow you to board with it. If for some reason, it will not fit in an overhead compartment, they can put it into the captain's closet. The only occasions this does not apply are on smaller "puddle jumpers," as they generally have no room for any carry-on luggage or bags. Fortunately, smaller airplanes take very good and personal care when storing any luggage below. Your confidence and kindness will see you through to continue your traveling adventure.

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